MAGIC Models

MAGIC Models

The MAGIC Las Vegas trade show is one of the largest trade shows in Las Vegas. The trade show promotes the clothing industry where exhibitors can network with other industry professionals. The dates are February 5-7, 2020. The garment industry is so big, that the trade show is held in both winter and summer seasons to promote the seasons clothing and accessories.

MAGIC Las Vegas attracts over 100,000 attendees and is held at most of the convention venues along with their sister trade shows; Project and Platform. The main convention venues are the Las Vegas Convention Center, The Sands Convention Center and Mandalay Bay. You will find countless companies holding special events and parties in the evenings at various properties throughout Las Vegas. It is a multi-million dollar generating trade show. Exhibitors consist of small startup businesses to giant brand names. Most exhibitors book trade show models to help attract attendees to their booth. Trade show models are used for general booth staffing as well as modeling the clothing samples and accessories.

Las Vegas Talent Agency has been a leader in booking top quality trade show models for nearly two decades. We even book narrators and public speakers. It is a known proven fact that exhibitors that book trade show models do attract more attendees and that translates in higher sales as well as more leads from scanning the attendee’s badges.

Besides booking trade show models, Las Vegas Talent Agency offers full services for exhibitors such as booth designs and construction, signage and displays, media walls, audio video services and complete talent booking to attract attendees. Celebrity Impersonators are a big draw for photo opts. While attendees wait in line to get their photo taken with a celebrity look alike, your staff can talk to the attendees to get information and to promote the product or service.

We are fully licensed and bonded for All properties.
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