Chicago Models

Chicago Models

Chicago Models are carefully screened and interviewed to assure that they are suitably dependable and experienced. As our clients are top quality, they demand the best models – in terms of appearance, reliability and overall professionalism. A client’s business is extremely important to us and we go as far as necessary to guarantee your total satisfaction in booking our models. If requested, we can arrange telephone interviews to assure that you are comfortable with a chosen model. Most of our clients are repeat customers, who have enjoyed working with our agency and our talent. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if our clients need us!

Our fees are based on industry standard rates, taking into account duties, time involved and the individual model. In the event of budget limitations, we do our best to assist you in booking the right model, for the right job at the right fee.

Among the venues to benefit from our Chicago Models services are trade shows.  Trade show models have traditionally proven to enhance productivity and increased sales at trade shows. Our Chicago trade show models do not just “look good” and attract attention; they also hand out promotional materials, assist in making sales, make demonstrations, explain product specifics, translate information for non-English-speaking visitors and offer general information.

In some cities, models are mostly used for fashion and print. Of course, our models are used for that as well. However, Chicago is also a main locale for television and music video production. All of these venues require a constant and steady flow of models to work as background as well as speaking and dancing performers.

Our clients in the entertainment industry as in trade shows, demand the best models available; which is what we offer. Being “best” does not just mean having the correct look, but also being dependable, quick at learning, friendly and knowing how to communicate with others.

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