Why Your Trade Show Booth Needs Trade Show Models

Las Vegas Trade Show ModelsWe’ve been to a lot of Las Vegas trade shows and you can always tell the high-rollers and entrepreneurs from all of the other booths out there. This is because they have a completely different approach to marketing and understanding how trade show models can impact your booth. Just think about it, you’re promoting your brand on the best billboards out there: pretty, classy, professional advertisers.

Trade shows give you an opportunity to spruce up a tired brand. It works by having your trade show models wear your shirts, aprons, sashes, or other apparel with your company’s brand on it. You can use all of these parings to help people remember your company at the next event or booth that you have.

Trade Show Models Take the Stress of of the Business Owner; Especially at Busy Las Vegas Trade Shows

Trade show models can help you cut costs – especially if you don’t live in the area where the show is happening. Many companies have large booths managed by local talent to help in their trade shows. The booth staff can assist with demonstrations and sales, but in reality there are a plethora of ways trade show models can make the most of your trade show booth.

There are a lot of things that professional Las Vegas trade show models can do:

-Generate leads and build traffic to your location

One of the biggest advantages to trade show promo models is that they look good, and engage people. These people mingle, get caught up in your brand, and understand what you’re selling. These pretty ladies can help your booth handle large numbers of people in crowds where you would be stymied by a few stragglers.

-Increase brand awareness

Good models showcase your products and give your goods and┬áservices the best promo you could ask for. If you provide some training materials, the trade show girls can show your customers how a product works, explain all of the pertinent features at your show booth, and exactly how it could work for them. Pretty trade show models draw your visitor’s attention to the product, which can make a very positive impression.

-Assist you with specific tasks or client engagement during an event

During a trade show, you know that everyone doesn’t have the time to visit every single booth and spend a lot of time at each individual booth. You don’t want to have a bunch of employees on hand to handle business and promote the brand because it can get very expensive paying for meals, travel expenses and accommodations. Training trade show models that are used to these kinds of gigs can help you handle larger crowds because they’re used to talking to large groups of people at trade shows.

-Educate and impress your consumers while handing out samples

Because models look so great and everyone wants to stop and talk to them, you’ll end up passing out far more samples and advertising materials than if you did it yourself. Realistically, people look for any excuse to talk to pretty girls, and you just want to get advertising materials in their hands. The great thing is that there are models all over the world to attend a trade show pretty much anywhere you need them (not just at Las Vegas trade shows).

-Gauge a customer’s interest, determining the quality of future leads

As promotional girls mingle, they can gauge a visitor’s interest in a product, and can move clients to special areas to get your contact information, pick up more information about them, and give you better, more solid leads to get more sales, which means more money.

Think about the next trade show you plan on attending. Ask yourself the following questions:

-How many people do you want to reach?

-Would your booth benefit from having trade show promotional models passing out samples and giving demonstrations?

-Would you benefit from the extra help?

-How much would business benefit from well placed advertising and more effective brand marketing?

Having all of these questions in mind helps reinforce your products, goods and services; in the mind of your most important customers.

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